About Us- Virtual Conference Team

Rev. Timothy J Marshall

Tim was raised in the Philippines with a different perspective than many of his peers, Tims perspective has always been one of Global Impact. Tim and his wife Melanie Pastored for 10 Years in Indiana, and have been traveling for a total of 14 years, Tim and Melanie were raised on the Mission field and have a heart for other nations and cultures. Tim and Melanie Lived in Australia, The Philippines, Hong Kong. They Currently travel extensively as Evangelist.

Dr. Lindel Anderson

Dean of Worship Studies at Indiana Bible College, Dr Anderson has been training students for over 25 years, he has produced over 27 projects that are available on most Meida platforms. He is an amazing instructor, song writer , arrainger and most important a friend to many.

Stephanie Gallion

Stephanie is an Instructor at Indiana Bible College, Married to Rev Jason Gallion the Student Pastor at IBC and mother of two boys.   Stephanie has led worship for many  events and services all across the USA,  including the General Conference of the United Pentecostal Church International. She has written several songs that have been recorded by Indiana Bible College , Including, Be still and Know, written from a place of pain, sorrow and confusion, Stephanie challenges us to be to still and listen to the voice of God, because he will hear our prayers a respond.

Rev. Robert Eades

Robert Eades is a Pastor in the Great State of Texas, after pastoring for 15 years in Kentucky, along with being a presbyter for his organization Robert and his wife Sherry traveled around the US and Canada for several years before settling in Texas. Rob is an accomplished musician and recording artist. He brings passions and Compassion to Mission Impact Team.

Rev. Jason Beardsley

Jason is an amazing preacer and worship leader, his passsion for praise is a driving force behind his ministry. Jason is a leader and great friend. He is crazy about his Wife Michelle and his Kids and Grandkids.

Laura Payne

Dean of Music Urshan College. 

Rob Greene

Rob Greene is an anointed worship leader/musician/songwriter born in Dover, DelawareHaving trained in Church Music and Worship at Gateway College of Evangelism (now Urshan College) and received vocal training from the University of Delaware, Rob is a professionally trained musician and singer. 


Michael Beardsley

An Amzing Drummer and Pecussionist with a long list of credits, including United Pentecostal Musicians Association featured drummer and recording artist on too many projects to name. you will learn riffs and tricks in his session.

Rev Sam Embalsado

 Pastor Embalsado is a Pastor in Caviti Philipines a new church plant this is doing amazing , he is a multi talented pastor,leader and Musician. He is the Director of the Philippine National Music Commision of the United Pentecostal Church Philippines Inc. 

Brian Pound

Brian is an amazing vocalist , Musician and leader, he has a project out and available now on itunes and if you would like a CD that can be arrainged. It is an amazing project with powerful lyrics and songs that will Inspire, Uplift and encourage your day.

Rev. Jeremy Crowder

Jade Nazareno

 Jade Nazareno is the keyboardist of the Philippine Apostolic Revival Center (PARC) under Pastor Ceasar Pestaño. He started playing guitar and piano at the age of 10 years old. He attended an extension program on jazz improvisation at University of the Philippines-Diliman and also took private lessons on piano and music production. Aside from being a church musician, Jade is a licensed chemist and a former chemistry instructor at the University of Philippines-Diliman. He is also a volunteer teacher of Pueblo Science, a non-profit organization based on Toronto, Canada which aims to educate teachers from rural areas. 

Sarah Perez

Sarah is an amazing worship leader, her passion, her abilities and has the ability to adapt to any situatation, it is what propels her and will continue to bring her in front of People around the World , We love Sarah , she is a talented amazing part of the Team. Sarah has a Degree in Worship Studies from Indiana Bible College.

Jon Schellhardt


Jon Atwood

Hey everyone! My name is Jon Atwood. I’m going into my junior year at Indiana Bible College, and I have had the opportunity to be apart of IBC Praise on Electric Guitar for the past two years. I’m excited to be apart of this team of instructors!

Gideon Assefa

Gideon is an amazing keyboard player , his skills on loops , tracking and recording are as amazing as he is , he has a great personality and you will learn many areas of technical side of Music Ministry with a Session with Gideon