Global Virtual Music Conference

Everyone needs a reason to get excited during this time of turmoil in the World, from World Wide Pandemic, Quarantine , Lockdown, and protest around the globe. Here is the Reason to get Excited. Starting September 4th 2020, we will have a Virtual Online Music Conference with some of the best musicians and Instructors from Bible Colleges in the USA and other places around the World. Lessons will be broadcast and archived for your continued learning.

Registration Open SEPTEMBER 21, 2020

Many Courses for Practical use in your local Church

Each Class is Designed with your local Church in Mind , for you to use as an instruction point or further study in your Worship Building.


Worship 101

Why do we Worship ? How do we worship ? what is Worship all about ? in these sessions it will be explained and it will inspire you to be a greater worshipper.

Bass Techniques

Learn Riff and Tricks that will add to your repertoire

Guitar Helps

Learn some tips to help with your Instrument, Riff and scales that will give you confidence when playing.


Amazing piano teachers and instructors will help you with new Chord, building chords and tricks that will help you in your ministry..

Choir Directing

There is nothing like standing in front of your choir and having confidence , knowing you have been trained but some of the best choir directors in Pentecost.

Vocal Helps

Vocal techniques for your improvement and development.



Leading Music For Worship

There is nothing like standing in front of your choir and having confidence , knowing you have been trained but some of the best directors in Pentecost.

Connecting with your Audience

Leading is more than just Singing, Directing Patterns. It is ushering people into his presences.


Playing back up with your band is a very vital role because it add an additional layer to the band, it will take your level of Music to a great dimension .

Working with small groups

Choosing songs, lead sheets , and developing talent in you local assembly.

Improve your talent

Learn with amazing, talented, spirit filled musicians, who understand the dynamic of a Spirit filled revival church. From playing an instrument, to leading worship or writing music, you will be blessed by these talented instrictors


Plan your courses.

Chart the direction you was to go with your continued education in Worship Ministry. Learn a New Instrument, take a new challenge in music. its your resource. 

Develop a new talent or Enhance the one you already have

We start a session with the basics and add to each session , so you can learn as much as possible.

Achieve your goals

Whether your desire is to lead worship in your local assembly or you desire to be in a Church band, here is where you can enhace your God given talents.

“Our Team has greatly improved because of the Declare Worship Worship in Manila”

Learning and improving does not began with only one session, it takes a cumulitive effort of the band to learn to work together and play as one. 

Jocim Galos, Bayugan City Davao Philippines 




Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few of the most common questions, If you have a specific question, feel free to reach out to us and we will reply via email.

What is the Cost ?

Please check back before registration opens. 

Can we register as a church ?

Yes, but if it going to be shared in a group the highest level membership is required.

How do we pay ?

We can Accept credit cards, Paypal, or will have a local pay station.

How long will be have access ?

 All of the membership levels have no expiration date.

Can we request additional sessions ?

At this time we will not be able to add additional sessions for the initial Virtual Music Conference. we may add some at a later date.

Is there a money back guarantee ?

No, once the payment has been made and a registration has been created , Money is non refundable.

Free Courses

Enjoy many sessions free of charge or upgrade and receive access to all sessions

Premium Courses

Premium Sessions are being develope for advanged membership.

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